Meet The Band

Jim Guten

// guitar & vocals


When I was a kid hearing Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry I was immediately attracted to these exciting new sounds. Then, the Beatles blasted me sky high. I was hooked on rock’n roll for life. I’ve been playing guitar and singing ever since. When my old high school buddies called to get together, we plugged in and here we are pickin’, singin’ and grinnin’.

Howie Gollup

// keyboard player


I used to listen to the Lovin’ Kind when I was in high school so it’s a strange and wonderful twist of fate that I found my way onto the keyboard with them now. While I practice pediatrics by day playing music is a great outlet and diversion. I hope people enjoy listening to our music as much as we enjoy playing.

Bruce Nemovitz

// guitar & vocals

I was in the Lovin’ Kind in high school. When Steve, our bass player, called and said, “Let’s bring the band back, our fans need to hear us again!” I jumped at the idea. Now I love to share our music with those who grew up with the Rolling Stones and the Beatles. Real Estate is my day job, but the Lovin’ Kind is my passion.

Kevin Williams

// percussion


I started playing drums at the age of nine in Brooklyn. My influences were rap, reggae, and Afro-Latino music. I currently teach and orchestrate an African drum group through Browning School and Silver Spring Neighborhood Center where I’ve worked as a First grade teacher for 12 years. I’ve really broadened my musical pallet by delving into the world of rock and roll!

Char Goodavish-Guten

// percussion & vocals


After a few years of piano, violin and guitar in grade school and high school I ended up with some sketchy knowledge of music theory and a mild interest in mostly popular rock and roll. When I met my husband in 1977 my musical interests expanded exponentially and they haven’t stopped yet. I have learned to incorporate percussion in a household full of guitar players which resulted being in a rock band making music, singing and dancing with these great guys!

Christopher Dunmire

// drums


I started playing percussion in 5th grade band 20 years ago. I am currently a beginning band director in Franklin, and I freelance as a pit percussion instructor for various marching bands in the Milwaukee area. My playing has been influenced by many different players from a host of genres. The most of which would be Jazz, Funk, and the blues. 

Tommy Jostad

// bass guitar








At 13 I “borrowed” $50 from my stepdad and bought a Peavey Patriot bass from my neighbor (including two vinyl records and free bass lessons for life – He needed beer money!).  I’ve been hooked on the low end ever since. I continue to be astonished how you can learn something new every time you pick up your instrument and even more amazed by the fabulous people you meet as a musician. Over the past 30 years I have had the pleasure of sharing music all over the United States playing everything from rock-n-roll, heavy metal, new wave, techno, blues and more rock-n-roll!  I’m looking forward to new adventures with the Lovin’ Kind!