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 - You and Jim and the gang outdid yourselves! WOW!!! Everyone had a FABULOUS time from the first note to the last. BTW, I WOULD have gotten up to dance by myself, but I didn’t want to appear to be an egotist in the “Look at me” sense. But I was thrilled when the other women came into the floor so I could too! Next time, could you please make an announcement like “My friend June wants to dance but she’s too shy to dance by herself! So if there’s a stray guy here who is a good dancer, or perhaps a bunch of women, please come up so June can dance with you!!!” THAT would be great!!!!! Lol!! Thanks again for yet another amazing, wonderful, happy, fabulous night!!!

 - You guys are just AMAZING!!!


"Lovin Kind filling the seats at Summerfest!"

“We had the pleasure of having the band Lovin’ Kind play at our facility in February of 2006 and 2007. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The band members were not only very professional, courteous and enthusiastic, but their music was terrific. Judging from the crowd’s reaction, everyone – including our staff – enjoyed listening and dancing the night away.

As a banquet facility, we would not hesitate to recommend them for a wedding reception, social event, company party, etc.”

Karen Swessel, Proprietor

Pulaski Inn

“Lovin’ Kind added a whole new dimension to Grafton GALA in the Park. They appealed to all ages from teens to retired. Lovin’ Kind is a foot stomping, finger snapping, hand clapping rock band. They have a way of making the crowd get on their feet and dance. One of the most fun groups to ever entertain this venue! The band’s energy is infectious.”

2007 Grafton Area Live Arts Board



"Lovin' Kind plays classic rock the way you want it, straight ahead and full of energy. These guys know how to have a good time and so will everyone who comes out to see them."  


Tim Schulz

Drummer for Southbound

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